Basketball practice from child's play to NBA!

For all ages in Tallinn and Harju county
TTU Basketball Academy is a joint club, bringing together around 700 players of every age. Trainings are organised for a range of age groups in Tallinn and Harju County.

Our club enables children to make their first steps in the basketball journey and reach professional level.
Full training for beginners
Our younger students will have the opportunity to practice basketball right after the school day within their school premises. TTÜ Basketball Academy is working with all the main elementaries in Harju country
Personalised trainings for older students
Older students will gather into regional centers of the member clubs to get the most out of their interest and potential. Our main centers are in Tallinn.
Modern training methods
We take great care to keep our coaches in constant development by keeping up to date with modern basketball practices and applying them in trainings.
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Your basketball journey awaits.
Punane 6, Tallinn 13619, Estonia